Elissa Beth Stebbins

Week seven

Getting in the wayback machine once again.  I give you: the Seventh Week of the Conservatory (aka the week of October 22nd). So I told you all a bit about dropping in.  To date, I had only dropped in scenes from plays, a few… More »

week four. part: upheaval.

Ah, the procrastination. And the reason is pretty simple: I’m here to tell you about the time I got angry and didn’t back away from confrontation.  With my instructor.  In front of everyone. What I’d really like you to know is that, while this… More »

week four. part a.

Someday, I will get around to starting a blog post before 10:30pm. It’s highly unlikely that it will be any day soon, but it will happen someday. Oh friends, week 4 was all kinds of crazy times. I may need to split this one… More »

I haven’t forgotten you.

But week 4 was a doozy and I’m still trying to figure out how to split it up. In the meantime, I’ll share these photos Jenna May took of our impromptu lesson on aerial silks. I think I love them.

week three.

Week four is shaping up to be interesting indeed.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. First!  Some things that are pretty: My friend and classmate Jenna May took this amazing picture.  It really encapsulates the beauty of this fall pretty well… More »

I thought you should know…

Today I ate a beautiful french pastry from the patisserie in town, and then a vending machine snickers, and then made (and ate. several.) browned butter sea salt rice krispie treats.     So I’m getting a wide range of experiences here.

week two. (part two) (but elissa – aren’t you in week four already?) (yes. cut me some slack please.) (also, elissa, you’ve stopped using capital letters again) (i’m totally gonna ban you from my blog, hypothetical reader. i can totally do that. and you’d be upset because this post is totally epic.)

Really trying to get over the cognitive dissonance of blogging week two while in the middle of week four.  Oh, for more hours in a day. Actually, if I had more hours I would probably just sleep. Oh, for more hours in the day.… More »

week two. (part one)

I’m having a hard time organizing my thoughts for this post, and not just because last week was so full that, if I had had the time, I would have posted on Wednesday.  Mostly, I think, it’s because I’m on some sort of threshold.… More »