Elissa Beth Stebbins

Week one.

It’s Sunday night, and I need to be in bed.  But I also need to record some of what’s happened this week, ostensibly for the 5 people who read this, but really mostly for myself. But where to begin?  How about the place? Shakes… More »

Hello Lenox!

This is the sky that greeted me on Monday. The weather is gorgeous here, crisp and clear with such lovely light. There is a small part of me that’s sad I missed summer, since San Francisco is just getting into its warm weather, but… More »

It’s all happening

Adventures abound. My day job is done. Over. Kaput. My last day was two whole weeks ago. I took my work email off my phone. I don’t know when exactly that will feel real, but as yet it still feels like vacation. And what… More »

briefly, because it’s bedtime.

I have a Maui update (or two) for you.  I’ll see what I can get done on the plane tomorrow. Yep.  The plane.  Tomorrow. A brief sleep and then I’ll be on the plane headed to the Shakes & Co once again. I’m packed.… More »


And someday I will update the pictures/resume/press portion of my website. It’s bound to happen.   Eventually.

The end of a summer

Hello! Well friends, my summer shows have ended.  Thanks to all who made the trek to Livermore to see them, and to those who missed it I say – s’cool bro.  From now on I’ll just eyeball every audience of every show I’m in,… More »