Elissa Beth Stebbins


What Every Girl Should Know

Impact Theatre, 2013

Bega, Edber, Pollack and especially Stebbins give powerful performances that only grow in intensity throughout the play’s 100 minutes.” – Chad Jones, TheatreDogs 

All four of the cast members are remarkable, creating memorable and believable characters…” – Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News

Bega, Edber, Pollack and Stebbins work together fantastically.  The acting is so well-balanced… “- Michelle Lin, The Daily Californian

Birds of a Feather

New Conservatory Theatre Center, 2013

Four fine actors play multiple (25+??) roles and change swiftly in and out of costumes changing their demeanor to fit that specific character…Elissa Beth Stebbins as the Zookeeper and Paula Zane give the most professional performance without infringing on the actions of her fellow thespians.” – Kedar K. Adour, MD For All Events

Elissa Beth Stebbins is engaging playing TV celebrity Paula Zahn especially in one hilarious scene…She also nicely portrays the Zookeeper.” – Richard Connema, For All Events

A romantic subplot involving Christopher Morrel as a shy birder and Elissa Beth Stebbins as a somewhat nerdish Zookeeper is also engaging.” – Charles Kruger, Examiner.comTheatreStorm

In the Next Room (or, the Vibrator Play)

City Lights Theatre, 2012

“...there’s an emotional nakedness and genuine spontaneity to this “Vibrator” play that’s truly stimulating.” – Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News

[Ruhl’s] characters aren’t stuffy puritans, but in an age of great strides in science and medicine, they are still ignorant of the most basic human functions. They crave intimacy, but don’t know how to get it. This is shown…most of all in Elissa Beth Stebbins’ superb portrayal of Mrs. Givings, which brings great emotional depth to the character’s desire for romance with her distant, clinically minded husband, and her anguish at being unable to feed her child, having instead to hire a wet nurse…” – Sean Conwell, SanJose.com

This play is provocative and engaging in a way that few are…the cast decisively engages the audience…Bracco and Stebbins have some hearty exchanges that, even in the formal language used, have a strong impact.  Stebbins’ character suffers visibly as she tries hard to find a way to connect with Dr. Givings.” – Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review

Elissa Beth Stebbins evinces a comedic melancholy that is an uncanny display of acting skill.” – Gregory M. Alonzo, StarkInsider.com