Elissa Beth Stebbins


Elissa Beth Stebbins will always consider herself lucky to have been born into a large and incredibly talented family. It was due to that petri dish of creativity and support that she was able to pursue her love of theatre.

After exploring many facets of theatre at a performing arts high school, Santa Clara University and in professional theatre, she determined that performance is what brings her the most joy. Now Elissa works as both a theater and commercial actor in a wide range of styles – from Shakespeare to musicals to new works to industrial videos and voice-over. When she’s not performing she’s probably baking (chances are high it will include chocolate, pastry dough, or some combination thereof) or planted on the couch immersed in a book. She finds that riding her bike, yoga and pilates are necessary to her mental health (and finely honed sense of humor. Ahem.). If there happen to be more hours in the day she fills them with crafting, cooking, and spending time with friends, family and her (usually) bewhiskered gentleman. Contact Elissa ยป

Theatre Resume

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Commercial Resume

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