Elissa Beth Stebbins

Announcements! Announcements!

Well hello there! I’m back with some seriously fascinating info, are you ready for it? First, I’m performing this weekend in San Jose as part of the San Jose Rep Emerging Artist’s Lab. The project is weird and beautiful and ambitious as it combines… More »

week 5

And I’m back!! I suspect my triumphant return to the blogoverse will be hailed by major media outlets in all the places. I’m glad you’re here to witness it. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since last I posted. There’s been clown, and… More »

started my thanksgiving early.

Not the holiday, but the act of thanksgiving. I’m thankful for this place.  This busy, confusing, illuminating place. I’m thankful that I get to come home for a few days, see my most amazing dude, my family, my friends.  My apartment, my wardrobe, my… More »

I’m avoiding you.

No, really. I’m so far behind on posting that it seems like a sisyphean task. And we’re deep into King John rehearsals which means line learning and character work. And every week our audition class requires many hours of monologue discovery and working. And… More »

i know i’m behind.

And I heartily apologize.  Hurricane prep and power outages messed with my free time this week.  But I’m hoping to get back on track (by which I mean be only a few weeks behind at a time) soon. The good news is the storm… More »

This is weird.

I have in my possession one piece of paper covered with my fellow students’s honest first impressions of me. And one piece of paper covered with my fellow students’s honest lasting impressions of me. Huh.


Sometimes we get a window of time to go on a nature walk. And there are just so many gorgeous things. And sometimes only a panorama can do it justice. And sometimes you find the perfect wine. And sometimes someone amazing sends a sparkly… More »