Elissa Beth Stebbins

we interrupt our scheduled programming for…this pause.

There is a problem with this “taking notes on each week and writing when I can” business.  The main problem is, it sucks.  I want to be telling you about what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.  Life is getting exciting as we race toward closing out the program and opening our show.  But it also means I’m even busier, with less official days off and even more personal work to do during lunch breaks and when I should be sleeping.

So I’m basically writing this to tell you to tell me to be patient.  I will get to share with you.  It might not be until all this is over, or there might be holes in next week’s tech schedule that aren’t filled with character work and packing and exit interviews, in which I’ll get to tell you about week 6.  Because the sad truth is, week 13 isn’t going to make any sense without week 6, and my posts make very little sense as it is, so I think it’s best we stick to this really sucky system.

I can’t believe how close Christmas is.  But I can believe that Paul will be here soon, and I’m looking forward to a huge Linklater sigh of “preferably pleasurable relief” on his arrival.

And because pictures make life more fun, here is this picture that was taken for use in the Shakespeare & Company newsletter.  I play the bass.

The Broad Squad aka The Coven (clockwise from lower left: Iam Coulter, Rebecca Pingree, Jenna May Cass, Elissa Beth Stebbins)


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