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Announcements! Announcements!

Well hello there! I’m back with some seriously fascinating info, are you ready for it?

First, I’m performing this weekend in San Jose as part of the San Jose Rep Emerging Artist’s Lab. The project is weird and beautiful and ambitious as it combines tweets from the revolution in Egypt with Macbeth. I know, right? The info below is pulled from the SJREAL website, and it makes it look like two different projects, but in fact it is not.

San Jose Rep’s Emerging Artists Lab
Friday, April 5 10:00pm| Saturday, April 6 10:00pm
Tweets in Tahrir Square
music by Edward Underhill
adapted and directed by Steve M. Boyle

Friday, April 5 10:15pm| Saturday, April 6 10:15pm
Macbeth and the Arab Spring
adapted and directed by Steve M. Boyle

If you come see the main stage show at SJ Rep you get into our little show for free!

A couple other items of note:

I’m starting rehearsals for Birds of a Feather with New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco next week. More details soon!

I’m working on wrapping up the chronicle of my conservatory experience with one massive final post. Coming soon!

I shot a webisode a few weeks ago and it will be available for online viewing very soon. Prepare to give me my own pilot.

I got my first callback for a voice over audition! w00t!! I will also be recording short stories with a group called Telling starting soon, so I will share those when they are available.

Oh and my sister is in labor. Right now. NBD.

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