Elissa Beth Stebbins

I’m avoiding you.

No, really.

I’m so far behind on posting that it seems like a sisyphean task.

And we’re deep into King John rehearsals which means line learning and character work.

And every week our audition class requires many hours of monologue discovery and working.

And I had my first video audition to record this weekend which of course just couldn’t be simple.  Stupid technology.

And I’m fending off an immense amount of homesickness (only two weeks until I can cuddle with the most awesome dude on the planet! this fact is incredibly distracting).

There’s just too much to do.  Tonight I went directly from rehearsals to running errands, and started cooking only to find I had forgotten a major ingredient and so I sat and chatted with people until way too late.  And now I’m exhausted.  I have neither soup, nor monologues, nor blog posts to show for this evening off.

So now you see it’s true.  I’m avoiding you.

The good news is, I have notes and outlines from weeks past.  So I’m hoping to fill them in eventually and take you all on this incredible journey of self discovery and procrastination.

I’m just not sure when.  So thank you for your patience.  Or maybe, thank you for not expressing your impatience.

Bed time.


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