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Iiiiiiii love technologyyyyyy

Dudes, I’m totally blogging on my phone on the train. I judge this makes me chic and tech savvy. (yeeeeah that doesn’t take much). Later I will probably comb through this post embarrassed at my many mobile typos.

I do have some news I promise, I’m not just trying to pass the time. Ok I’m trying to pass the time a little but I’m on my way to rehearsal so it’s totally theater related.

BUT FIRST- you guys, in true ebs fashion I dropped my wallet (ON MY WAY TO THE BANK OF COURSE) yesterday in the not-so-shiny 16th & Potrero area. Last time my wallet fell out of my bag it was apprehended by a jerk of a dude who proceeded to use all my cards. So I went about canceling all my cards and looking into getting my ID replaced etc etc. Lo and behold, yesterday evening I get a comment ON MY BRAND NEW BLOG I HAVEN’T EVEN ANNOUNCED YET, letting me know my wallet was found. I met up with the lovely Ali this morning and am now in full possession of all my defunct cards! No but seriously, learning I didn’t have to go to the DMV may have been the high point of my week. (my week to date anyway, this weekend holds an alarming amount of awesome). So there it is, this blog has already engendered miracles and it’s only a few days old. Also, there are some awfully nice people in this world, and Ali is one of them.

So news! On Monday I performed at the BATCC awards, and it was so incredibly lovely to see my Seussical family and revisit that joy of a show, however briefly. And I’m super proud to say we took home 5 awards! We won for Ensemble (yeah that’s going on my resume. BOOM.) and Production, Tal Ariel won for his amazing music direction, Rebecca Pingree won for her role as Gertrude, and our adorable Jojo, Nandi Drayton won for her leading performance against some hefty competition for a pre-teen. It was a lovely night overall, and I found myself amazed, after working so long in this area, at how many faces there I didn’t know.

Ok one last note before I bury my nose in my script for the remainder of this train ride – I’m working on being more precise with my language. This concept of speaking accurately was introduced at Shakes & Co by the illuminating Kevin Coleman, and I was amazed by how much sense it made. He talked about the need, as an artists and a person, for me to be able to speak about thoughts, feelings, and judgements without ambiguity. It’s alarming to me how often I use the phrase “I feel” when I’m not actually speaking of feelings. And using the phrase “I judge” when making a judgement instead of “I think” really puts what I am saying into a different light for me. So I’m going to attempt to be more precise here, and I’m inviting you all to call me on it.

Oh, and Ali mentioned that looking through the site made her want to go see some theater, so I’m thinking about using this space to organize my thoughts around shows I’m excited to see, as well as review/recommend productions in the bay area. So stay tuned, because there is lots of awesome coming this way. It might make some things sound a little strange since this is not the way most people speak, but I hope you’ll go with me on this strange little ride.

I’m totally posting this rather mundane photo just so I can try putting a photo in my post.


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